Cool Financing A Used Car With Over 150K Miles References

Cool Financing A Used Car With Over 150K Miles References. That said, you can often find good quality a used car with 100k miles for $10,000 or less, though you may be limited on the type of car. 48 months x $252.89 monthly payment = $12,138.72.

1995 Pontiac Bonneville SSE. Drove this car over 150k miles. Very from

One of our gurus here had a ’98 jeep wrangler with that very engine, and it was still going strong with 170,000+ miles. Mileage differs from one car to another; 3.99 loan for a more expensive car with 150k miles or less and 10 yrs or younger.

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They Won't Finance Anything Over 120K.

I’ve done all of the required maintenance and kept up on necessary repairs (which have been minor). After all, in our earlier example, if we extend the term from 48 to 72 months, the monthly payment drops to just $175.23. If you purchased a car for $40,774 with a 10% down payment and a 4.71% interest rate, paid over 60 months, your car payment would be $688 per month for 60 months.

We Went To Our Bank To Fill Out Everything And It Rejected Us Because The Car Had 124K Miles.

72 months x $175.23 monthly payment = $12,616.56. With many lenders, only vehicles that fall within certain age and mileage limits are eligible for financing. It has 165k miles on it, but seems to be in great shape.

I Have Found Myself Looking For A New Used Car.

But pushing out your loan term means you pay much more in total. Compression test the engine and (if possible) have a reputable tuner look it over. Shoppers are borrowing an average of more than $36,000 for a new vehicle and about $21,400 for a preowned vehicle, based on data from experian, edmunds, lendingtree and other sources.

We’re Comfortable With Higher Miles If We Feel Like The Car Was Taken Care Of And Driven Well And The Price Reflects It.

Good mileage for a used car. That, in the long run, may save you money. I know this because i financed my ferrari 360.

It Sells, Finances, And Delivers Cars To Customers’ Doorsteps.

When it comes to vehicle age, most traditional lenders won’t consider cars that are more than 10 years old. 48 months x $252.89 monthly payment = $12,138.72. It also requires vehicles have less than 125,000 in mileage, and vehicles must be 10 years old or newer.

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